Back Pain Relief? Yes, It’s Possible.


(As printed in the LA Times)

For back pain sufferers, like me, the thought that anything might actually relieve chronic back pain seems about as believable as finding a unicorn giving CPR to a garden gnome on the sixth Thursday of the month. It is, unfortunately, just something you learn to deal with.

Back pain sufferers simply don’t “roll out of bed” or “go for a nice run.” Every physical activity seems to revolve around the forethought of how is this going to affect my back.

Now, I’ve been dealing with back pain issues for about ten years. And, although I am a physically active man in my early forties, it has really changed my game. Working out, running, or really any activity which involves any form of impact or fast “change of direction” has become a stressful event. In fact, I say that only 85% of my attention is ever focused on the game, as the other 15% is always thinking about how not to let my next movement result in days of agony. (Or worse, something more permanent, if I’m not careful enough).

Then I found the Body-Aline. Or, I’ll say that it found me.

I had given up the hope that something would actually relieve my issues, but while reading an article in the Los Angeles Times, I found a write up about the Body-Aline. My first reaction was a good laugh at the write up.

Rob Wallack from the LA Times wrote:

“A slouchy, slumping posture is rampant in our high-tech, desk-bound society, resulting in poor appearance and chronic backaches. Designed to reverse the slouch, the Body-Aline chair simultaneously works your back muscles and stretches and opens up your chest. Although it resembles a medieval torture device, requires an hour’s assembly time and does not fold up, I found that a just couple minutes of use a day did unkink my pecs and chest, bring my shoulder blades back, work the oft-neglected lower back and help me stand a little taller.”

And, while I don’t quite agree with the “medieval torture device” review after having tried the device for myself (although I did find it pretty funny at the time), I decided to check the website directly and see if this was for real ( I was skeptical, as you likely would be. But, I was intrigued enough that I checked it out for myself - almost in disbelief.

On the Body-Aline website, they say:

“The Body-Aline retrains your postural muscles to go in the exact opposite direction of your trending slouch. By correcting that muscle imbalance, you’ll notice all-day relief from the strain of standing, walking, or even running – all without breaking a sweat. Try it. You’ll be glad you did.”

So, I did. And I am glad I did.

Using what they call “Mirror Image Muscle Rehabilitation,” the Body-Aline worked to relieve the tension in my back – my entire back.

In layman’s terms, if I may attempt to explain the science, the front of your body is typically very tight and is always pulling forward to get itself to a relaxed position (imagine a rubber band trying to “unstretch” itself).

And, because the muscles on the front of the body are stronger than those on the back, the front muscles pull the back muscles, which now makes the back muscles tight and out of shape.

I encourage you to check it out. There’s a full 90-day money back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose. By far, one of the best investments I’ve made.

Oh, and while talking to their customer service representative, they gave me a coupon code that I’m just passing along (I hope that’s okay). Use code AGELESS to get 10% off of your order. Bonus!

Side note: As I am typing this, hunched over my laptop computer, I found myself sitting up straighter – simply because I was thinking about my poor posture. And, just now, you probably sat up straighter, too.

To read the full, LA Times article, click here.

Last modified: February 13, 2019

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